Teri Harriet

Teri Harriet Bennett is a practicing Painter, Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Artist, currently living in LA, hailing from the tiny metropolis of Luck, WI. She earned a BFA in Functional Art from the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis and an Associates Degree in Graphic Design & Illustration from The Academy of Communication Arts in Minneapolis.

Her Graphic Design and Illustration career began in 1999 as a Graphic Design Intern at City Center in Downtown Minneapolis, while designing and illustrating custom business cards for stylists at the alternative hair salon, Hairpolice. Over the next 18 years, Teri developed her design skills and style by producing editorials, advertisements, marketing, branding, interactive and social materials for clients around the country. Teri split her creative time between illustrating, recycling and refurbishing furniture and remodeling her first home, and the corporate world as a Creative & Staffing Consultant, Account Executive, Business Owner, Operations Manager and Senior Producer/Project Manager.

Teri's painting obsession began in 2005 with the opportunity to submit two paintings for the "Art-In-The-Dark" Show at La-La Land Gallery in Hollywood, created with black light reactive paints that revealed hidden content only when the black lights were switched on. Teri's first solo show, "I Can Make You Smile" of 10 paintings and 12 commissioned digital illustrations exhibited at Hairpolice in Minneapolis, in 2006. Later that same year, she exhibited paintings at SpotArt, Casket Arts and Unleashed Productions in Minneapolis, and created a custom lunchbox for a group exhibit at La-La Land Gallery, “Hot Lunch Artshow”.

Teri continued to juggle creating with corporate life until 2012, when she decided to work for herself and her Art. She expanded her graphic design and illustration clientele; concepted and illustrated 48 yoga characters that soon came alive in "The Adventures of Super Stretch" App and on the pages of a 32 page children's book called "The Adventures of Super Stretch"; designed 2 "Wheel Art" (art made with a HED 3 carbon fiber cycling race wheel) for The Annual Spye Wheel-Art Benefits 2 years in a row; designed and illustrated countless branding, identity, marketing, advertising and packaging materials; concepted, storyboarded and illustrated two more children's books titled "There Was An Old Lady Who Met A Ghost" and "There Was An Old Lady Who Met A Monster"; designed, digitally illustrated and painted a 30'x7' mural that adorns the entrance of the Badger Hill Brewery in Shakopee, MN. In 2016, Teri produced 40+ acrylic paintings and graphite illustrations for a Solo Exhibit in Golden Valley MN and another at Hairpolice in Minneapolis, and was invited to show a couple paintings at SpotArt's Pop-Up Reunion Show at Art-A-Whirl in NE Minneapolis, ... all just before selling her house and moving her and her dog, Horton, to Los Angeles to pursue more Artistic adventures!  Teri continues to paint, participating again in a group show at La-La Land Gallery, "For Goodness Sake" March, and gather new illustration and design clients. 

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